Start your meal with something refreshing!

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea
0 cal.

Fresh Steeped Hot Tea
Green | Black | Herbal 0 cal.


Hot Chocolate

Raspberry Iced Tea
90 cal.

Arnold Palmer
80 cal.

Cranberry Lemonade
180 cal.

140 cal.

Berrylicious Lemonade
Refreshing Blend of Strawberries and Lemonade 160 cal.
Coca-Cola® Products
0-160 cal.

White Milk
Small or Large 150/240 cal.

Chocolate Milk
Small or Large 210/350 cal.

Citrus Splash
Fresh Orange Juice & Sprite 150 cal.

Chilled Juice
Small or Large Orange 130/210 cal. Apple 140/230 cal. Cranberry 150/250 cal. Tomato 60/100 cal.

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