Our Story

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Feels like home...

When we opened our doors in 1979, we had one idea in mind: To make our guests feel at home. And after more than 40 years, we continue to serve the freshest ingredients, the best pancakes in town and delicious homemade cooking, just like grandma used to make.

Being involve in community projects and helping the Warrensburg area grow, has been a priority since the very beginning. We are involved in sponsoring our local athletes, providing hot meals for our teachers and military, and entertaining the youngest guests with special events and delicious meals. You can read more about our projects and community involvement in our projects page.

And last but not least, we would not be here today if it wasn't for the numerous staff members that have contributed to the development and growth of our business. Throughout the years, we have been fortunate to have employees from many different backgrounds, ethnicities and countries. But despite this diversity, we have always been united in our goal to provide the best care for our guests and serve the freshest ingrediants. After all we are a family - The Country Kitchen Family!

Meet Our Managers

John Frye Jr.

Managing Partner

John started out as a server more than 20 years ago. His drive to imporve himself and the people around him undoubtedly left an unforgettable mark on every guest and every employee he has worked with. One of his biggest strengths is his "never say never" personality. His ability to motivate and inspire the people around him is one of the main reasons guests keep coming back and employees love to work with him.

Assistant General Manager

David has been a part of out team for 16 and a half years. Started as a dishwasher and climbed his way up the ladder with hard work, persistence and excellent work ethic. David is married with 2 children: Anna and Haley. His wife Steph, also works in Country Kitchen as a server.


Christy has been with us for 17 years. Her journey began as a server. Throughout the years, she has proven herself to be reliable and hard working member of the CK team. She has formed strong business relationships with her employees and has earned the respect of her peers. Her strengths, among others, include leading by example and always brightening the room with her shining personality. Christy is married with one child: Kelly.

Assistant Manager

Bryell has been with us for 1 year. And in this short time, she has proven to be a valuable member of our family. One of her biggest strengths is her hands on approach. She is energetic, leads by example and because of her background in child development, she shows patience and understanding when tackling challenges.

Meet some of our employees


19 years with us

Sandy's long term commitment to our family has proven beneficial to employees and guests alike. Her "complete commitment" approach to her duties is what makes her one of our best employees.


6 years with us

Rachel started in high school, worked her way through college and during this time has worked on improving herself and contributing to the growth and development of Country Kitchen.


15 years with us

Shelba's shining personality and great work ethics are instrumental in forming strong bonds with employees as well as performing her duties to the highest standards of dining establishment

Appreciation Comment - 06/27/2023

"I wanted to contact Country Kitchen Restaurant to inform corporate regarding my recent visit and to acknowledge the server Shelba (and supporting staff) at the Country Kitchen Restaurant there in Warrensburg, MO. I’ve recently relocated back home to Missouri from SoCal (40+ yr.s). I was in Warrensburg with my brother to visit his physician at the VA annex clinic there. Afterwards we were in need of substance to fill our empty tummies and thus we selected Country Kitchen, we have eaten there before so we were familiar with the quality of food and service there. Upon entering Country Kitchen we were seated quickly and thereafter our server came to greet us and introduced herself; Shelba (I hope I’ve got the spelling of her name correct). First impressions can be vital in interacting with the public and we were taken back by Shelba’s genuine candor and presence. The service that she provided was, without a shadow of a doubt outstanding to say the very least. I’m familiar with working with the public and at times it can be challenging and on the flipside it can be amazing. As in regards to Shelba, she was most pleasant and delightful; I would even say Shelba was professional, proficient and personable. Overall we will be looking forward to our next encounter with Shelba and feasting at Country Kitchen when we’re in Warrensburg. I would hope that cooperate will take note of this “Appreciation” notification and acknowledge Shelba and the supporting staff at Country Kitchen in Warrensburg, Missouri. I’ve worked in the field of management and what I’ve found that the general public is quick to criticize and slow on compliments. Positive acknowledgement of employees is always a productive action to take and will payoff in the end. In closing, Shelba and the supporting staff would be the type of employees that I would like to have in my employ and what great representatives of Country Kitchen Shelba and the supporting staff are."

Kevin Nelson - 06/27/23